Merit Consulting Ltd. China Merit Consulting China (here regard as Merit Consulting) is an equal opportunity employer and supports workforce diversity, with our business expanding and extension management into our business team, we are continuously seeking and actively looking for potential candidates in diverse fields for our business process outsourcing assignments. Consultant(s) who are motivated candidates, very talented and ambitious young professional including Reorganization, Organizational Realignment, Corporation Diagnosis, Professional consulting, recruitment and business acumen for the following positions to join our Asia Pacific business team in China including Beijing, Guangzhou, Hangzhou, Tianjin, Singapore, Shenzhen and Shanghai. Founded in 2006, Merit Consulting has developed itself for consulting industry. Merit Consulting embarked on the China market in 2006. Merit China has office in Guangzhou and is now having operation in major growth cities in China. Key Objective: Imagine joining a company as professional as Merit Consulting and working with nearly every clients and cities Merit builds. That's what you'd be doing in the Business process outsourcing, Human resources program solutions, Business Development and consulting fields. We build Merit's central, Human Resources and Business process outsourcing-based solution, and we are responsible for providing slick, multi-regional, cross-functional, cutting-edge for every Merit Consulting customer. So that if you don't want to choose a single entity and factor on which to work, we are happy to have you. We're looking for creative, motivated, hardworking and energetic people who want to make an immediate impact in various industries practical activities. Merit Consulting provides a complete platform for business process and professional management programs that is deeper, optimized and well integrated with all other aspects of the professional construction. Merit Consulting is focus on providing kinds of business process outsourcing programs and human resources related services to our customer as the business managing goal. Act as the comprehensive business process outsourcing and human resources program service provider, we provided services from business process outsourcing and human resources to professional consulting services. Merit Consulting expanded the business in China since 2006 and corporate with multinational company to present professional services and covered more than 10 cities around the country. By leveraging our professional processes, leading-edge capabilities and delivery program, Merit Consulting is helping clients achieve high performance and brings its proven industrial through professional services experience to help provide better customized services on demands and positioned to apply that business acumen to provide end-to-end innovative insights that will help you achieve your vision. Here now, Merit Consulting developed its services to feed the possible needs of customers on professional programs indicated, and we deeply understand with customized our services to be the real recruitment with business process outsourcing solution to fulfill the supporting platform. To cooperate with Merit Consulting, you could be done and could get more professional solutions which shall generate value-added services beyond your requirements. In the coming future, Merit Consulting will stand its powerful and better services to extend in China and a real strategy business partner who are dedicating to give you more much vision. Thank you very much!! Merit Consulting China 展开 公司地址:Guangzhou (邮编:510620) 地图 *发布本招聘广告企业的营业执照名称:广州美积企业管理咨询有限公司
,位于中国——福州美丽的西湖湖畔,是香港天玑财富集团携手法国欧莱雅实业集团2007年9月在中国大陆地区设立的专业化妆品企业。公司集生产研发、销售、服务、培训、管理为一体,具有一批经验丰富、专业过硬、工作能力强,具有良好敬业精神和职业道德的职业的经理人和高素质的团队。 绵竹神么寝舶餐饮行业网根据中国大陆地区市场经济的特点,制定了长远的发展目标,在产业与资本扩张的同时,始终围绕“自然与生态”来定位产品发展方向,本着“专于智”、“赢于诚”的经营理念,运用“素质营销、科技管理”的经营方法;帮助代理商把传统的终端销售与现代企业电子商务解决方案进行有机的结合,全方位的提升合作伙伴的竞争力,实现终端销售、客户管理、点对点互动、网上采购、网络直销、网络宣传并存,实现经营的渠道扁平化、运作效率化、服务水平专业化,从而降低销售成本、增加经营利润点,携手代理商走质本经济的道路,共同创造天玑财富事业。 欧姬芙资助个人创业 目前我国的化妆品行业,从业人员数量多,行业竞争激烈,经营费用高,经营风险越来越大;使很大一批有心进行个人创业的年轻人,得不到创业机会(资金、经验不足不具备抗风险能力)。天玑公司推出“欧姬芙”资助个人创业计划,特别针对这批人群提供了一个低门槛、零首批无风险,积据魅力与发展的个人创业机会,使之能够充分展示自己的才华,圆一个自己创业的梦(0起步做老板)。 欧姬芙个人创业者资助对象。 展开

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